Monday, 11 June 2012

Riddley Scott OMG!

Saw Prometheus on Thursday 7 June. Cool sets and VFX. Deep and unanswered questions. Weak story dreadful acting except Fassbender. Strange take on the 'Alien' creature at the end. Reference made to the previous 4 films aplenty. Didn't need to be in 3D no film does. Leaves it open for a sequel to follow? 

Riddley leave it and don't touch Blade Runner.

Opening credits best I've seen in some time and quite unexpected. I think there should have been a greater sense of peril at the end (proper life and death stuff) and more shadows - less is more. I think the producers decided that the actors were superfluous to the cyclical mystery of 'Lost In Space'.

It could have been a good film if it was released in 1979 and called 'Alien'.


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