Friday, 21 March 2014

Heart of Darkness - A Personal Apocalypse

A Personal Apocalypse. The project has begun at last. I'm creating the storyboard for what will be a 5 minutes long animated piece that articulates my views on European colonialism and its postcolonial machinations.

Drawing heavily on the 10 artworks I've created for the House of Illustration Folio Society Illustration Awards 2014 competition. I wish to break apart my images and reveal the true darkness that resides within. Combining my personal tragedy with Conrad's tale I hope to create my own version of Marlowe's journey up that river.
I'm also working on a sound design for my project and I'm distorting the natural sound of rivers and steamboat engines plus the sounds of the forest and it's occupants. I’m hoping to make the experience more mystical and primal.

Sounds are crucial for this endeavour adding drama and engagement. If the sounds are too literal then they story might seem too contrived. I like the idea that there are sounds in there that we imagine but maybe would not hear in a natural environment. 

I want to scare the viewer and make them uncomfortable but unable to look away. We should never look away from the unpleasant for there sometimes we find the truth.

More soon.


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