Sunday, 16 March 2014

Heart Of Darkness Illustrations teaser

I thought you might wish to see the work I've been making since December 2013 for The House of Illustration Folio Society Book Illustration Competition. I have created 10 illustrations in total a detail from each are on show below. I hope the images will get you thinking about what the full size images look like.

I intend to publish all the illustrations here in April 2014. In addition I should state that this work will be adapted for a separate moving image project called 'A Personal Apocalypse.' This short film will show what I think of Colonialism in general and European Colonialism in particular. I'm working to a deadline of end of May 2014 to finish this new project. I'm in the field collecting sound files and scouting locations to shoot some live action scenes. I'm very excited about it. 


                                All artworks are © Karl Foster 2014

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