Monday, 28 May 2012

All Things Maidstone

On Saturday 19 May 2012 I returned to my former art college to say farewell. Maidstone College of Art is to be no more. The site in Oakwood Park Maidstone Kent has been sold off to Mid Kent College.

Maidstone is part of UCA and it has been decided that in these difficult financial times that it has to go. Around 175 people made it back there for the day’s events. Former Staff and Students spoke about what the College meant to them and how it still influenced lives. The was an exhibition of archive work, a memory wall and a lace to record our anecdotes.

I enjoyed the day and much had changed since my last visit in 1994. I'm glad I went and feel that I made the most of my time there and how attending my BA in Graphics helped me forge my current career and relationship with others.

Thanks to Marian Anderson, Trevor Ford, Geoff Granfield, Geoff Haddon, The Crimbles, Ian Hunt, Judith Williamson and Jane O'Grady for sharing the day.

Three cheers for Maidstone and three cheers for me.


5 Terrace Road my home 1986 - 1987. Here my transgressions were many

Maidstone College of Art

Western Road my home 1987 - 1988 It was a shit hole

Beautiful spot within Oakwood Park. It's now a Hotel

Illustration Studios. I spent a lot of time here drawing and making new friends

SU Bar. We didn't have one of those in my day 

Canteen now with added Mezzanine!


  1. I had no idea there was a gathering. Funny to see pictures of it again... That grand house (now a hotel) was in a terrible state in the 80s.It looks a lot smarter now than when we were there. What a shame it's all changing... but time doesn't stand still of course.

  2. Stumbled across this today, 3+ years after the event - thank you Karl - it was great seeing you again. Sorry about Western Road but I have a feeling I didn't approve of it ... if it's the place I'm thinking of that is. Cheered up on a bleak January day by finding this. Remember me to any other MCA students you're in touch with. I remember you all with great affection and gratitude for what you all, albeit unknowingly, did for me.