Monday, 10 May 2010

Tell A Story in 5 Frames (Visual Storytelling)

I want to make this Blog more interactive and encourage contributions from other people interested in graphic storytelling. I have looked at some web-based storytelling sites and wondered what would happen if I started my own version of this type of ideas generation.

I would like viewers of this Blog to send me in their creative solutions to the provocation "Can you Tell a Story in 5 Frames?". Send your work to me at and I will upload them to this Blog. I will create and then upload some of my own examples also.

I am also investigating ways of making my Blog more interactive and more in line with the discussion forums I have seen on other Blogs. This will take a bit of time but do add comments when you see anything that interests you on this Blog. This lets me know I'm getting the content right.

You can find recent examples of this type of work on Flickr


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