Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My review of Printmaker Lynne Blackburn's Exhibition 'Celebratiing the Family' at The Cauliflower Pub Ilford July/ August 2015

I'm at the pub and I'm impressed. Love the screens of shop/building fronts the layers bring much energy to the subject. I like the way one is forced to consider the space within the compositions. Your 'Scary Steps' piece photography can't do justice to. I saw many literature references in those steps from Mr. Hyde to Jack the Ripper and the unfortunates of today’s urban living. 

Your circular pieces are my favourite as they remind me of Mandalas and kaleidoscopic images but with far more freedom. Love the titles of the pieces just like the warning signs on the roads 'Don't Drink, Don't Smoke.' The fish eye lens pieces made me reflect on my childhood memories half-remembered. 

There is a real sense of Noir for me with your stools and floor pieces the angles are like the late night stumbling of the intoxicated. Most apt for a pub. Finally 'Waits' is now in my pocket (I wish). I had a good look at this piece then I stepped back and the textures just popped out! 

I have a questions are there more Linocuts and was your work at the Olympic Park commissioned? Excellent job done and the venue really enhances the emotions your work stirred in me. 

Good luck in all you do. My only gripe is no real ale available but that's not the pubs fault, as the clientele don't drink enough real beer. Fabulous venue though, proper cushty.

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