Monday, 30 June 2014

New role at LCC from September 2014

Hello I am gearing up for a summer that will see me complete my project 'A Personal Apocalypse.' This work is to be shown in an exhibition at Preston, Lancashire as part of Black History Month 2014. Many hours are ahead of me where I shall begin to resemble Jeff 'The Dude' Bridges from The Big Lebowski (1998 Joel & Ethan Coen) but my work will get done and my moving image skills improved.

After this work is completed and I've revised my '100 DATES' Animated Trailer it will be time to focus on academia once more. The opportunity I have ahead of me is to help shape the direction of the famous BA Graphic Media Design course at LCC. I will be the Year 2 Coordinator responsible probably for everything that happens good or bad. I have no fear and am looking forward to this work. It is my hope that this new role will help me to achieve one of my long held ambitions.

In September I'll be back with an update and links to my new project.

Have a great summer everyone no matter what you are doing.


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