Wednesday, 5 March 2014

FdA Design for Graphic Communication Year 02 - Project 02 OKIDO Updated work and published works

Earlier this Term 23 undergraduate students at LCC on the FdA Design for Graphic Communication Year 02 course produced some highly original illustration work for OKIDO the arts and science magazine for children. Big thanks to the team at OKIDO for their encouragement, advice and for using the student's work in their publication. Below are the illustrations designed for publication in the magazines PLANTS issue out in March 2014. 

A special well done to Nozomi Motoji, Liam Wyles and Amaia Zelaiaundi Parral who produced outstanding work for the assignment. Their work is to be published in the March 2014 'Plants' edition of the magazine.


© 2014 Elvira Figueras Gabas

© 2014 Tyrone Barton-Robie

© 2014 Velislava Racova

© 2014 Nozomi Motoji

© 2014 Liam Wyles

© 2014 Amaia Zelaiaundi Parral

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