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FdA Design for Graphic Communication Year 02 - Project 02 OKIDO

23 undergraduate students at LCC on the FdA Design for Graphic Communication Year 02 course have produced some successful illustration work for OKIDO the arts and science magazine for children. They all worked to the brief sat out below and had five weeks to solve this design problem. I monitored the student’s progress and they had the input from our industry partners at OKIDO. Big thanks to the team at OKIDO for their encouragement, sage advice and support. Below is a sample of the illustrations. Well done to the students, keep up this level of engagement on the next project.


Project 02 Wave 1 - OKIDO


Briefing: Mon 6 Jan
Introduction to the magazine and the brief
Workshop: ideas generating exercises

Mid-point review: Thurs 23 Jan
Morning small group tutorials
Afternoon small group tutorials

Final Crit: Thurs 6 Feb
Presentation of final designs


OKIDO arts and science magazine for kids is a quarterly publication aimed at children between the ages of 2-7 years old. OKIDO aims to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest in science and the artistic process through producing a highly interactive magazine designed and illustrated by contemporary artists, scientists and illustrators. Okido introduces readers to characters such as Messy Monster, Yoga Monkey and Squirrel Boy, as well as an array of games and cooking ideas which all help to explain the fun of science and art and encourage parents and child to read together. Each magazine has a scientific theme ranging from: Weather, Digestion, Circulation, Habitat and Feelings. Our next issue is about Plants and this is where we need some help.
We’re inviting contributions for our next issue to tackle the theme of Plants at an age group (3-8) who most likely haven’t learnt about it at school yet. The outcome should be factual, thoughtful and tested whilst also maintaining a strong sense of individuality and fun!
Possible outcomes:
Digital – Game/Moving imagery/App
We want to tackle the science of Plants, from photosynthesis to the vegetables we eat in a way that appeals to our audience of young children AND parents. Look at the way we learn about and experience plants in nature or in the city, from the point of view of a plant, and animal, or a child walking though a vegetable market.
Research school textbooks, how do they illustrate scientific ideas?
Ask yourself: What is the difference between a plant and an animal?
Why do we eat some plants and not others? Why can cows eat grass? Why do plants look different?
Think about how these can be translated into a game or even recipe.


The requirement is to produce 1 or 2 double page solutions fulfilling these dimensions:
Double page: w 42 x h 23cm. Please include a 3mm bleed around all sides (very important!)
The most successful outcomes will be considered for publishing in the magazine. A work experience placement will be offered to the student producing the best outcome.

The research and process methods used on this assignment should be documented as part of your GDA Process PDF. 

    © 2014 Alina Grigorenko

    © 2014 Alina Grigorenko

    © 2014 Cameron Dow

    © 2014 View Sirivittayaporn

    © 2014 Merrick Ferguson

    © 2014 Elvira Figueras Gabas

    © 2014 Elvira Figueras Gabas

    © 2014 Jaspreet Matharu

    © 2014 Kasia Bitner

    © 2014 Kasia Bitner

    © 2014 Kasia Bitner

   © 2014 Liam Wyles

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