Monday, 25 March 2013

MAVA Unit 1 Feedback

I've not had time to post to my Blog over the last two months. I will try to rectify the matter forthwith. I got my feedback for the MAVA Unit 1 back in February. As I predicted I received the Grades for research essay and overall contribution I was expecting. This did not upset as I realised that my essay was constrained by the 3000 words limit and I wrote a shit account of the essence of this form of design communication. I did however re learn the craft of creating an academic piece of writing and will write some more about the subject Title Sequence Design after I graduate in September.

On this course I deliberately attempted things I hadn't tried before and this has been problematic but a necessary factor for my ambition to express myself using moving image and sound design. I will overcome these limitations and have work to be proud of and that is fit for purpose.

After the useful feedback on my work I’ve gone back to my process and tired to craft a story out of the visual elements. I have been manipulating imagery using motion software and that old staple actual drawing. Yes I can actually draw George Hardie! I am working on a title sequence that I have divided into three 'Acts' to help me focus on exactly what it is I want to let my audience know.

The Sequence is designed to introduce a series of fictional characters and the world they inhabit.
• We are first shown the two main characters meeting and embracing and the title of the story is displayed.

• Then we move a bustling city filled with noise and life, but there is something dangerous on the horizon.

• Finally using a Police Incident board we see the lives of our 10 main characters revealed through objects and activities that are relevant to them. We should be left with one main idea in our minds - life is important and it is under threat.

More anon…

Happy days, you lucky people!


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