Friday, 30 December 2011

MA Visual Arts - 100 DATES

Over the last couple of weeks I've been reflecting on how information is usually communicated in a comic to the audience/reader. I decided two years ago that thought bubbles are of no use to me in this context. You cannot read other people's minds in real life so this should be the same in a graphic narrative. I like the challenges this poses also.

Dialogue is very hard to get right but it is only required to help the reader understand the motivations of the characters in a story and to lead them in certain directions. It may be unavoidable but I will try to minimise the amount of speech bubbles in the 10 stories I'm writing. Finally it is clear to me that the narrator's voice is the most powerful of all in the her/history of western literature. I will try to use only narrator captions to drive the stories along and of course rely heavily on the power of the visual content.

The biggest challenge for me is to get audio into this 2D medium. More later.


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