Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Captions for Pictures

I have posted some images below for you to consider and make a contribution to. I have been thinking about the power of words and how they can change the meaning of an object instantly. I remind myself of John Berger's Ways of Seeing book. in this book he shows on one page a image of a Van Gogh's painting. the painting depicts crows flying over a cornfield. Though in black and white it obviously has great merit. On turning the page you see the image of the painting again but this time a caption underneath states that this is the last piece of work by Van Gogh after he painted this scene he shot himself. Instantly the painting is tranformed and the reader is possibly moved in a way they did not expect.

I am also a fan of Have I Got News For You. I love the captions competition that features at the start and end of the programme. Paul Merton always comes up with some outrageous stuff. What I would like you to do is send me your caption for each image to me by e-mail. Get thinking.

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