Thursday, 27 October 2011

MA Visual Arts: More Happenings

Fresh from my tutorial with Jan Woolley and I think I've made further breakthroughs. I've been concentrating on character development and trying to make my dramatis personae more believable. After creating about 15 portraits it's time for some body action. I'm looking at the profile shapes of each major character, the shorthand for their appearance. In addition I'm looking a the work of artists who are able to capture expressions with minimal mark making. Once completed I will post these drawings.

The plot as they say thickens, my story seems to be writing itself. As I encounter a problem or hole in the script a solution flys in and the story becomes stronger (in my humble opinion).

I'm enjoying student life and making some new alliances. This experience is also helping me to understand my own undergraduate students more. Like them I've got a lot of work to do but I know it has to come from me or it won't happen. More anon.


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