Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NARRATIVE STORIES © Karl Foster 10.8.10

Travelling across the globe remembering the sights, smells and sounds of location.

1) Sizzling on the sidewalk gazing at Brooklyn, shelled by car horns, street food soaring on the steam.

2) Smiling eyes while singing the song about the Bay, frenzied fiddling pouring down super-cooled Guinness.

3) How green and pleasant. 101 miles from its source we find the reason for this city blasted by poor taste bass bins and sirens. Tang of pollution on the tongue.

4) Rugged and ragged coastline grilling flesh and cheese as goat bells blend with oregano.

5) Gaudi is gaudy and beloved by Berry Gordy, empanadas melt be stilling the rumbling gut. Sea salt coats the lips high on the roof battling vertigo.

6) Fresh fish limed, sand underfoot. Tsunami and lanterns of hope.

7) Clean and refined bunkered and enwalled. Raw adjacent to slick adding a word onto another word.

8) Land of mothers blistered under sol, Scotland district viewed from Farley Hill flying fish inna me belly.

9) Majorelle, Atlas and the big square pigeon pasties and donkey dung. Watch out for the henna lady. Riyad luxuries.

10) 3 coins in the fountain, forno oven baked pizza and chaotic driving.


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