Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NARRATIVE STORIES © Karl Foster 10.8.10

Rites of passage. Stages of ones life; birth; school; graduation; loss of virginity; 15 minutes of fame; marriage; birth of children; retirement; death.

Scouring the surfaces seeking meaning reasons for being. Born in a coastal town cradled in the harbour of community.

Schooled in the history of this land day dreaming and thinking of navy blue elastic.

Knowledge seeped in as jism seeped out. O for love from the lovely instead of cruelty from the cruel. Honoured and rising in enlightenment judged fit for the future.

Hard earnings employed to enter deep chambers. Filth and depravity darkening the senses stretching over nuptials. Three darling youths to carry the name. Being a spouse can exclusively adore.

Feeling no pain, joy and praying for a purer day. Rest to enjoy the fruits of your vocation.

Thwarted by heavy red vehicle conveying you to a church with no congregation.

No Compadres, no love, no sharing, no one cares. Unable to be stable. Floating angelic in state of grace.

Tears for the life led unloved.


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