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Dramatis Personae for 100 DATES (early draft with Archetypes)

It is alive and has a supernatural effect on some of its population
Parts of city are no go areas and the
Thames flooded 12 months before swallowing up most of East London
Backdrop and is the inspiration for most of the story
Very old capital city of England
This city and it landmarks will be responsible for the look of the story and the dynamism within
It is a character in its own right and the heart and soul of the city should sparkle on every page

HERO 1 William Frank (aka Frank Hinds)
Age 35
Height 6’3”
Brown eyes Shaved head Heavy build Smartly dressed
Scar on left temple
Co-Director of agency 100 DATES
Secretly writing online mystery “Ill Met by Moonlight” under name of Frank Hinds for Virtual Glass Publishing
Passionate about music
Lives in own flat in the Barbican Shakespeare Tower
Originally comes from St. Albans.
No parents
Has 1 Sister who has 2 young children
He has headaches and takes strong drugs to combat them
He has a terrible secret from his childhood this is the cause of his headaches.
These headaches cause delusions and he has invented a super powered alter ego ‘Super Frank’
He falls in love with Kathleen Tilbury and tries to romance her with special dates
He does not like the UK Security Services

HERO 2 Kathleen Tilbury
Age 30
Height 5’7”
Blue eyes
Hourglass figure
Long red hair
Wears sports gear
Freelance photographer/ writer. Major client; The People Planet Guides Works as photographer and video tech for 100 DATES agency
Passionate about music
Lives in rented flat in Finsbury Park
Originally comes from Norwich
Split up from long term boyfriend 18 months previously
No parents
No siblings
Has been reading Frank Hinds online novel
Childhood friend of Desta Finn
She falls in love with William Frank
Commissioned to produce photos for the New London city guide, which puts her life in danger
Suspects Desta Finn is hiding an awful secret
Has no idea Nat O’Brien is in love with her

Age 55
Height 6’
Grey eyes,
Short grey hair
Heavy build dresses like Lt. Columbo
Detective Inspector in the London Metropolitan Police 25 years on the job
Lives in police station house in EC2
Originally comes from Bermondsey
Divorced 5 years ago
Ex wife does not speak to him
Has also been reading Frank Hinds online novel
Martial arts expert
He becomes obsessed with Desta Finn Has secret affair with her
He knows William does not like him and this makes him angry
He thinks William needs surveillance

Age 31
Height 5’6”
Black hair brown eyes
Business suits
Slight build
Scar on left temple
Co-director of 100 DATES Company set up 6 years ago after graduation from MBA course
She inherited a fortune from her ‘Uncle’ Bruce Wilkinson
Went to school with Kathleen and Jacqui Chance
Lives in own flat in Barbican Shakespeare Tower
Originally comes from Norwich
Adopted but trying to trace her birth mother
Aggressive and jealous of others
Reads murder mysteries
Jealous of Kathleen and William’s relationship
Boyfriend is James Bent
Has secret affair with Jon Doe
Her childhood friends suspect that she has mental health issues

HERALD Nat O’Brien
Age 31
Height 5’6”
Brown eyes
Long brown hair
Spangly earrings
Wears business suits
Slight build with withered legs
Uses a wheelchair
Publisher of The People Planet Guides
Lost use of legs in car crash with police van 10 years ago
Has an asthmatic symptom
Lives with husband John in Berkhamsted, Herts
Originally comes from Tring
Brother is a journalist who disappeared in South Africa 5 years ago
Always giving unwanted advice to Kathleen
Suspects that Kathleen knows more about what happened to her brother when he disappeared
Secretly in love with Kathleen for 10 years

ALLY Hugh Wycombe
Age 35
Height 5’9”
Blue eyes
Blondish hair always in ponytail
Slight build
Scruffy wears baseball cap that promotes live music
Blues musician
Writes songs and plays Electric Bass and Keyboards
Best friend of William Frank
Married to Claire Wycombe
1 son Charles with his wife expecting a girl
Once toured US and met Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis
Successfully beat addiction to Heroin
Used to write comic strips with William when they were boys
Former member of the Messian Cult
Introduces William and Kathleen to other musicians and special gigs
Knows William’s secret but has not revealed this to anyone

HERO 1'S ALTER EGO Super Frank
Height 6’6”
Long golden hair
Heavy build
Super human
Wears lycra spandex sky blue costume with mask
Superhero fantasy that appears when William has his headaches
Has been an escape for William since his troubled upbringing and the death of Maxi Patrick.
This fantasy begins to take over his mind
William’s fantasy life threatens his sanity.
He consults a psychiatrist at Bart’s for help and uses counseling sessions to help him to recover

HERALD Sleaze Jones
Age 36
Height 5’11”
Blue eyes
Short brown hair
Thin moustache
Well built
Beltless trench coat
Sun Media reporter/ secret police informer
Eton School educated
Oxford and MIT graduate expert in hi-tech surveillance
Life long friend of Pompas Glass
Is the handler of Jobsworth and several other android operatives?
Incidental character that forms part of a sub-plot on surveillance and civil rights
He likes androids and thinks they promise a great future for humanity

SHADOW Pompas Glass
Age 37
Height 6’
Grey eyes
Blond hair with hi-lights
Well built
Trench coat with bright red belt
Guardian media reporter/ owns online publishing house that Frank Hinds works for
Eton School educated
Oxford graduate expert in hi-tech surveillance
Life long friend of Sleaze Jones
Having affair with Sleaze Jones’ wife
Uses technical knowledge to fabricate stories
Incidental character that forms part of a sub-plot on surveillance and civil rights
He hates androids and thinks they pose a great danger to humanity

HERO 3 Jobsworth
Cyberdyne Series 101/1000 Android
Height 6’
Metallic body
Human like face but has 4 arms and wheels instead of feet
Can levitate for short periods
Caretaker droid in Barbican flats where Desta and William live
A machine that was given an extra conscience chip and starts to form a human type self awareness
Used to show the moral depravity of the characters and human society
Part of a sub-plot on surveillance and civil rights
Might be able to time travel
Worked for Temple of Michael Messian

MENTOR Augustus Winter
Age 40
Height 5’11”Eyes dark brown
Well dressed Plays sax clarinet and flute
Has own online jazz music site Gigs around London and New London
Becomes a friend with William through Hugh Wycombe
Loves to drink bourbon neat
Williams and Kathleen’s passion for music leads to this friendship

MENTOR Jan Summer
Age 30
Height 5’6”
Brown eyes
Short brown hair
Well-dressed Piano player and composer
Gigs around London and New London
Protégé of Augustus Winter
Williams and Kathleen’s passion for music leads to this friendship

ALLY/ SHADOW Maggie Frank
Age 27
Height 5’
Brown eyes
Thin but curvy
Wears Primark style ghetto look
Lives in St. Albans
Father of her 2 children killed in a drugs turf war in St. Albans
Is a worry for William and tries her best to get him to dump Kathleen
Sells dodgy stories to Pompas Glass and Sleaze Jones this puts Kathleen’s life in danger

Age 40
Height 6’
Green eyes
Brown curly hair
Well-built gym bunny
Suited and booted
Works in construction as surveyor
Working on London City North Complex
Desta Finns boyfriend who she met by filtering her client's files
He comes from Norwich
He is in love with Desta and wants to marry her

Age 25
Height 5’5”
Hazel eyes
Black hair
Agile and insatiable sexual desires
Trophy bride
Former underwear model
Wants to have babies with Sleaze but is drawn to Pompas and any man with a pulse and expensive tastes
Dreams of being worshipped by men
In secret joins 100 DATES agency to meet extreme sexual partners
Part of the sub-plot on identity ID chips in skin

ALLY Claire Wycombe
Age 26
Height 5’4”
Blond hair
Blue eyes”
Compact and solid figure
Hippy skirts and flowers
Accountant and mother
Pregnant expecting daughter
Married to Hugh Wycombe
Has a son called Charles
Used to sing with Hugh in the band
Works on musician’s accounts
She helped Hugh beat his addiction to Heroin
She ensures that Michael Messian does not contact Hugh
Suspects Michael Messian is supernatural and she uses charms and herbs to ward off evil

ALLY Jacqui Chance
Age 30
Height 5’1”
Short brown hair
Smart casual Business Administrator for UBS Bank in Liverpool Street
School friend of Kathleen
Originally from Norwich
Family all live in Australia
Plays Football and Cricket
Kathleen’s confident since childhood and witness when Desta finally begins to disintegrate

Age 30
Height 5’9”
Very long brown hair
Stout but powerful
Doctor of Psychiatry at St. Bart’s
From Wembly
World authority on Psychotherapy
Met William at Comic convention at the Barbican and became they friends.
He lives in Barbican Lauderdale Tower
Tries to help William recover from his mental delusions – suggests surgery
Part of the sub-plot on identity ID chips in skin

SHADOW John O’Brien
Age 37
Height 6’
Grey eyes
Short brown hair
Well built
Married to Nat O’Brien
Winner of £4 million on the Lotto
Enjoys life going around the world for the People Planet guides
Nat will not give up career and is the source of some tension between them From North London
Wasted most of his life but enjoys sports and gambling
Has secret child by woman he met in Gran Canaria several years before
Funds Pompas Glass’ online publishing house and is
Secretly trying to put The People Planet guides out of business
Devising a scandal to sink the firm

SHADOW/ MENTOR Paul McIntyre/ Master Paul
Age 26 (disappeared)
Height 6’
Grey eyes
Short brown hair
Well built
Undercover reporter
Brother of Nat O’Brien
Disappeared while working in South Africa with Kathleen
Nat O’Brien suspects that Kathleen knows more about her brother prior to his disappearance
Paul is now part of the cult of Michael Messian and is hiding out using pseudonym

ORDEAL Maxi Patrick
Age 8 (deceased)
Height 5’
Blue eyes
Blond hair
Very skinny
Shorts and T-shirt
Was a school boy and attended Moonfleet junior school
Adopted when small child
Had unknown sister
Heart shaped birthmark on left shoulder
Lived in St. Albans
Bullied at school
Died aged 8 Maxi Patrick’s death is the reason why William Frank has a secret

SHADOW/ MENTOR Bruce Wilkinson
Age 61 (Deceased)
Height 6’
Black eyes
Blond wig
Ill fitting suits
Millionaire owner of Wilkinson Technologies
Invented the very first Droids in 2000.
Had a secret military division developed with US government in 2002
Died in mysterious circumstances 6 years ago
Uncle of James Bent

CLOWNS The Jazz Evangelists
Guitar – Camp
Double Bass – Daz T
Trumpet – QC
Drums – Ford Day
Electric Violin – OP
They wear different coloured suits and range in height from 5’ to 6’ 7”.
Some members are multi-racial.
Jazz musicians who tour with Augustus Winter and Jan Summer

ENEMY/ ALLY Joris Bonnsson
Age 40
Height 5’ 5”
Blond slicked back hair
Immaculately turned out. Has wide range of cuff links
Works out and is trained in hand to hand combat
His heart is bionic but he keeps this fact secret
Mayor of London City for past 8 years
A genius gained a double 1st from Oxford in maths and economics
Went straight into politics for the power and influence. He will do anything to get what he wants absolutely anything He wants to buy the Bad Lands at a knock down price and clear out the population in one decisive action
He protects the police as they protect him
He finally does the decent thing and exposes the work of Michael Messian

HERALD Livington Ken
Age 60
Height 6’
Short grey hair
Slight build
Walks about in a trademark Burberry trench coat Former Mayor of London City. Resigned to take up cause of the dispossessed in The Bad Lands and beyond Former Mayor of London City. Resigned to take up cause of the dispossessed in The Bad Lands and beyond He are good friends with Kathleen and Nat
He wants them to help him in his campaign in the Bad Lands

Age 45
Height 5’ 6”
Blue eyes
Long grey thin wispy hair
Frumpy clothes
Nervous ticks
Former wife of John Doe
Unemployed former beautician
Stopped working because of stress
Lives within modest means off of Alimony settlement from divorce
James Bent uses her after he discovers Jon Doe’s affair with Desta

SHADOW Matthew Bent
Age 70
Height 5’ 11”
Out of shape needs oxygen to help him breath
Eccentric clothing and comments
Retired electronic and robotics expert
Invented every Droid available on the market and those used in covert operations
Invented Droids with Brother-in-law Bruce Wilkinson
Father of James Bent
He is a close friend of Joris Bonnsson
Is angry with Desta and Jon Doe
Sends Droids after Kathleen when she gets too close to the truth about Bad Lands

Age Unknown
Height approx 6’ 6”
Eyes blue
Wears floating robes and head band
Body very hairy
Voice is enhanced by special implant
Prophet for the people – Charismatic leader of the Temple of Eternal Redemption
Private donations and drug dealing in 3HC keep this organisation going
Unknown he appeared in Bad Lands 10 years ago and set up his Cult
Works with the establishment and outside the law
Has previous business relationship with Hugh Wycombe during Hugh’s Heroin addiction
He recruited Paul MacIntyre
He has connection with Jobsworth and other Droids who spy for him
He might be a time traveler
He causes problems for many characters in the story
He has deadly battle with Jobsworth

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