Monday, 22 March 2010

100 DATES plot and structure

100 DATES should be about the lives of two people who meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. That would probably make a very dull story for some so I will spice things up a bit. In an alternative present day, London is a capital in decline. Floods and factional wars have taken their toll. Hope however springs eternal and William Frank and Desta Finn open 100 DATES - a dating agency. They want to help their fellow Londoners find love and make some money at the same time. Desta introduces Kathleen to William and they hit it off. They become a couple and enjoy many of the delights that remain in this exciting city.

Technologies are more advanced in this alternative present day and the human race employs thousands of Droids to do the dirty work. Unknown to the general population Droids are actually working for the Security Services as surveillance gatheris. This adds to the tension in the story. There is also a murderer in their midst and the fall out from the Cult of Michael Messian.

We go from bars and clubs to sensual and seductive experiences as William and Kathleen embrace London through their love. A crisis comes that shakes the very foundations of the city itself and both pay a high price to save this love.

I am re-writing 100 DATES and thinking about the format carefully. Originally designed to appear as 12 comics (24 pages each) that could be eventually compiled as a Graphic Novel. I think other structures will have to explored instead. More about this when I've worked it out. I will be publishing extracts from the script over the next few weeks.


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