Monday, 19 September 2011


It is only a few weeks before I embark on my Masters study at Camberwell College of Art. I've been busy collecting evidence from London's landscape and reading 'London the Biography' by Peter Ackroyd and working my way through the first 10 feature films directed by the late Sir David Lean in preparation for the tasks ahead of me.

The revised structure of my graphic narrative is coming together (10 stories each told by a different protagonist with the City as the master narrator). I'm hoping each of the stories can be told in any order and the overall narrative will still make sense. I love a challenge. I'm also going to invest in a Wacom Inkling device to turn my sketchbook drawings into digital line art.

I'll be posting regular updates on my Blog about the project and reflecting on my trials and tribulations also. I think what I have planned will help me to answer my pressing question 'Why do we need story?'


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