Friday, 22 July 2011

Designing new typefaces (again)

I forgot to include the response I got from Seb Lester.

Hi Karl,

Hope you;'re well.

I don't know what kind of typeface it is or how accomplished
you are with drawing with vectors. It can be quite a technical process.

Are the letterforms rough and ready aesthetically, or more polished?

A decent piece of software for beginners here, download the
demo and have a play. Keeps it relatively simple.

Or you could get FontLab which is what professionals use. is a forum for type designers, good resource for
asking questions.

Not up to date on good books on the subject but I gather this is good:

Or if you go the FontLab route:



Thanks Seb

I've been carrying out my own research on this subject but wanted to see how actual type designers and typographers would deal with this question. I want to develop a font that be used for dialogue, captions and narration in my embryonic graphic novels. Someone suggested I learn about calligraphy as a starting point.

Thanks again I'll publish the results but it might be a year from now.


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