Wednesday, 5 May 2010


The saga rumbles on. This project is going through more developments. I thought the structure would be single page cartoon strip in the mould of Chris Ware's excellent Building Stories but felt a single page would not allow me the space to tell the 2 or 3 stories that act as sub plots and are more important than our main cast of characters suspect. I have just started reading Posy Simmonds' Gemma Bovery again (originally serialized in The Guardian Newspaper in the 1990's). The literary power of the storytelling beautifully interspersed with Simmonds' drawings appeal to me a great deal. I to am dealing with the nature of love and the consequences of unbridled passions.

I don't wish to mimic Chris Ware or Posy Simmonds but I want to have a high quality graphic narrative that will hold the readers attention and encourages them to read all 100 stories. 100 stories is a good way to look at the work before me.

My recent paintings are influencing my thinking on this project but I'm not sure that abstract images are appropriate for 100 DATES.

100 DATES should be completed by now and my LEXICON who would have thought a pregnancy could last this long.


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