Saturday, 13 March 2010

Suggested Works to help you with Storytelling

Berona D. A. 2008 Wordless Books – The first Graphic Novels HNA Books

This is an important collection of black and white woodcut art that documents the influential precursors to the modern graphics of today. “Wordless books" were stories from the early part of the twentieth century told in black and white woodcuts, imaginatively written without any text. They are the precursor to today's graphic novels. Scholar David A. Berona examines the history of these books and the art and influence of pioneers like Masereel, Lynd Ward, Otto Nuckel, William Gropper, Milt Gross and Laurence Hyde among others. The images are powerful and iconic and as relevant to the world of today as they were when they were created. Berona places these works in the context of their time and in the context of ours, creating a scholarly work of importance and significance in the burgeoning field of comics and comics history.

Campbell J. 2008 The Hero With A thousand Faces New World Library
ISBN: 978-1577315933

A classic book on mythology and the “hero”, Campbell’s work is valuable in understanding the archetypes of character in storytelling. This book is not specifically about screenwriting, but it is a valuable arrow in the quiver of every narrative writer.

Phoenix W. 2008 Rumble Strip Myriad Editions

Rumble Strip surprises, challenges, asks us questions that badly need answers and makes us think about things we may prefer to ignore. Woodrow Phoenix’s dry, sometimes painfully mordant wit, backed up by accident statistics, personal observations and case histories, offers a trenchant analysis of the problems of road users everywhere and the risks we all take every day. With sharp, densely inked graphics, he immerses us in the narrative as if we are driving those cars or walking along those streets. He personalises the experience of the commuter, the driver, the pedestrian, and the accident victim...because any one of them could be us.

Film Run Lola Run 1998 Writer/ Director Tom Tykwer

Film Waltz with Bashir 2008 Writer/ Director Ari Folman

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